Claims Processing

Added value services have become vital to client retention in an increasingly changing and competitive insurance industry and none demonstrates this more than the claims process which clients perceive as the ultimate moment of truth. Masumali Meghji Insurance Brokers Ltd has invested heavily in this process with the provision of a dedicated team offering expertise over a wide range of claims issues.


    • dedicated claims service delivered by experienced personnel
    • inputting of relevant information on to a data for internal and external uses
    • provision of technical focal point on claim issues
    • liaison monitoring
    • liaison with loss adjusters and other insurance company representatives
    • tracking of claims activity ensuring a rapid response from insurers
    • help with compiling documentation and claim presentation

Requirements in respect of a claim.

-Report the accident or theft to the police and obtain a police reference number and abstract report.
-Motor Accident

    • STOP immediately. Obtain the other drivers details – name, address, contact telephone numbers, vehicle registration and vehicle details, insurance details, and if the vehicle belongs to someone else, the registered owners full particulars.
    • Give your name and details to whoever has reason to ask- NEVER admit you might have caused the accident.
    • Obtain a quotation for the repairs to your vehicle, together with a copy of the driver’s license and ID.

    Masumali Meghji Insurance Brokers Ltd is one of the largest independent Insurance Brokers in the Coastal Province, and has been serving the community for 30 years.